#10 – Wordling Words No. 3

From my office window, all I can see is snow. Mounds of it. The fire pit has disappeared and I can’t see the ears on my mom’s ceramic deer. It’s pretty to look at but I’m not a snow fan. Despite my constant complaining, it hasn’t been the snowiest winter in Baltimore, although it might go down as one of the coldest, breaking records set in the late 1800’s. Small wonder I’m looking for inspiration from the master of island escapism.

Today, we’re writing to the Six-Pack Odes category with our words selected from the song, “Bring Back The Magic,” written by that consummate tropical troubadour, Jimmy Buffett, and Will Jennings. (The complete lyrics for this song can be found here.) As always for this prompt category, there are no restrictions on style or length, but your poem must contain all six wordle words.

Wordle #3

Great Expectations

Beachcombers strolling along the shore,
their delight buried in hot sand,
long for the rolling waves
to sink their sorrows when castles are
lost to the rising tide.

© Susan Schoeffield


23 thoughts on “#10 – Wordling Words No. 3

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    • All of these images make it painful to look at my snowy backyard! More than a just a vivid scene of summer, the underlying message is a lesson to learn. I‘ve been guilty, on more than one occasion, of focusing so much attention on what I’m doing that I miss the wonderful things going on around me. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for such a great poem, Debi!

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    • If I was an artist, I’d like to paint a picture like this! It has me longing for the sand and the surf. A peaceful, relaxed feeling finds a home in every line. Thanks so much for stopping by The Poetry Park and sharing this beautiful poem!


  3. “…long for the rolling waves
    to sink their sorrows when castles are
    lost to the rising tide.”

    I love that! Nice word list too, Susan! As a Jimmy Buffet fan, I’d like to try my hand at this prompt… maybe.

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  4. I adore this, Pamela! What a wonderful take on the prompt. I can smell the ocean air from here! This has always been my ideal retirement scenario. “skip like stones on the water, until the final tide washes us away” – powerful! And, considering the wordle source, the line “buffeted by wind and waves” is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing this!


    • Ahhh, thanks, Susan! This one was fun — even if it WAS work. (At least it was beachy and now snowy. Took me away to a warmer place for a while.) Thanks, again for the motivation. So glad you enjoyed the results! 🙂

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