#13 – Wordling Words No. 4

I prepared today’s prompt on Friday, after learning Thursday night that a close relative is undergoing medical tests to determine whether or not she has cancer and, if so, how far it has progressed. I thought about our relationship, both the good and the bad, and wondered if there were things I should have done differently. The title of a Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken,” took hold of my brain and wouldn’t let go which, of course, explains the source of today’s wordle words. (The poem can be read in its entirety at The Poetry Foundation by clicking here.)

Wordle #4
Looking at them individually, these words don’t have to paint the bleak picture of despair I captured in my poem below. They can be transformed into something fun, uplifting or elegant. Regardless of where they take you, follow the road to your poetic destination.

Bearing The Burden

In the morning of the day, I am but a traveler
going along my way, scorning the road
and its heavy load which leaves my body bent.
I am far from content and decidedly spent.
My feet twisted in the undergrowth, I am both
stumbling and crumbling from the weight of
mounting pages written over passing ages,
afraid tomorrow’s stage will be one of sorrow.

© Susan Schoeffield


23 thoughts on “#13 – Wordling Words No. 4

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  2. I understand. I’m sorry about your friend, hope she gets positive news. “I am but a traveler
    going along my way”…. we all are of course and we can’t be all things to every person. That you care and hurt for her says a lot even if you don’t have a closer relationship.

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  4. I apologize…after rereading I see that I made a mistake…I called your close relative a friend…there’s a difference…my heart goes out to you…your poetry flows of the heavy anguish that is born on the breath of burdensome worry…beautifully expressed, Susan. ♥

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