#14 – The Ride Of A Lifetime

Perhaps there is no better metaphor for life and love than the roller coaster. We travel along at breakneck speeds. We reach lofty heights only to drop to cavernous lows. We twist and turn. Sometimes, we go in circles but, in the end, we straighten out and arrive on steady ground.

Today, we’re writing an ekphrastic poem in our From A Window category. Our inspiration comes from the photo below of the coaster, Goliath, at Six Flags New England. (You can find a description of Goliath by clicking here. The embedded video on this page doesn’t seem work for me, but I did find  one on YouTube, taken by a brave (crazy?) soul in the ride’s front seat: Goliath video.)

While writing your poem, remain seated at all times and feel the rush of excitement as spine-tingling inspiration keeps you on track.
Goliath, 6 Flags New England
Rail Ways

Another thrill, another spill.
In strength of will, we find the pill
to calm our nerves on hidden curves
as vexing swerves drain our reserves.

Though we might whine, we’re back in line
with stronger spine to rise and shine
above the scheme that pops a seam
which makes us beam or, sometimes, scream.

© Susan Schoeffield


12 thoughts on “#14 – The Ride Of A Lifetime

  1. I love your internal rhyme in this….flows beautifully. I’ve ridden Goliath. Yikes. Quite a ride, for sure. So, I didn’t need to look it up for a reminder….no, thank you….ugh 😛 But I can’t remember what an ekphrastic poem is, so I will be looking that up and am hoping it won’t turn my stomach in quite the same way as Goliath did!!! Haha. Very enjoyable prompt today!

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    • Thanks, C.C. I’m glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun with this one. An ekphrastic poem is simply a poem written about what a particular piece of art, in this case a photo, says to you, with no restrictions on style or length. The last roller coaster I ever went on was the Rebel Yell in King’s Dominion – about 15 years ago. When it was over, I walked about two feet away from it and promptly threw up! So, it’s safe to say, I’m done with thrill rides.


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  3. Getting ready to visit my daughter so I’m not taking time to post to my blog.

    Ups and Downs

    We trudged up mountains heights
    grabbing hold of firmly rooted brush
    sometimes, slipping backward
    we’d have to take a different route
    but always with the determination
    to go upward, except that time we came
    upon a sheer rock exposure, I thought,
    “It’s over, time to quit.”
    We met the challenge, we overcame
    and finally now it’s all downhill.
    We earned it with sweat and tears
    and divine providence cheers
    us to the finish. We’ve made a
    great team, you and I and I’d
    choose you for the climb again.

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    • I love this take on the roller coaster metaphor. Backward, upward, different route, downhill – you’ve got it all here. My favorite phrase in the poem is “divine providence cheers us to the finish line.” And the ending ties the whole poem together. Wonderful job, Debi!


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