#15 – ”There Are Rich Counsels in Trees”*

Good morning and welcome to The Poetry Park’s first springtime prompt for 2015! Yesterday, we traveled down to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to ride along the Northern Section of Skyline Drive and see how the Park begins its subtle transition from winter to spring, especially in those majestic timbers that dot the mountainside.

Of the many wonders found in nature, few hold more symbolism than the tree. Standing tall on firmly planted roots, it reaches up toward the heavens. This protector from the elements dons different outfits depending on the season. It is regal in its stately beauty.

For our prompt today, we’re going to write a tree poem. You can write about a particular tree. You can use the tree as a metaphor. Envision a world devoid of trees, or picture yourself walking through the forest when a tree strikes up a conversation. Can you imagine what it would say to you?

Joyce Kilmer said it best. “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.” Write your tree-lined poem in any length or style in this As You Like It category.

* – Hebert P. Horne, English Poet, Architect and Art Historian

With Outstretched Limbs

Regardless of your worldly woe,
you’ll find your peace where’er I grow
and there beneath my timeless charms
draw comfort from these swaying arms.

A shield to guard against your plight,
I’ll shade you from the boldest light.
And while you rest against my bark,
together we’ll bring hope to spark.

© Susan Schoeffield


17 thoughts on “#15 – ”There Are Rich Counsels in Trees”*

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