News From The Park

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday was beautiful, as is today. If that’s true for where you live, I hope you plan for some Monday outdoor time.

After going back and forth about what to do, I’ve decided that The Poetry Park will not be posting any prompts during April. I’ll be taking care of my cousin’s family while she takes care of her mom during the radiation/chemo treatments and then switching places with my cousin so she can take a break and regroup. My nieces will be home from college in early May and will also be helping out, so I’m hoping The Park can get back to normal by May 13th.

I appreciate your patience during this difficult time. I thank you for supporting The Park through March and look forward to getting back together with you in May.



2 thoughts on “News From The Park

  1. A haiku for Susan…

    Great strength in numbers
    your family weaves love’s loom
    gathered strands are strong.


    P.S. Thank you, for March, Susan…it’s been inspiring and I will keep healing energy flowing for your family and my eye out for your return. ((Hugs))


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